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Superior Foods is a young, vibrant and energetic company which has collectively linked the core competency skills of the management team to form a complete, dynamic force to effectively manufacture and market the Floyd's brand.
The business focuses on new product development, marketing opportunities, efficient manufacturing processes, supply chain efficiencies and customer service channels to best offer and provide a wide distribution source to the customer.
Our Mission
Our promise is to deliver quality and value to our customers, prosperity and satisfaction to our employees and reward our shareholders. This will be achieved by:
  • Developing and nurturing successful FMCG products and flavours to further enhance the brand.
  • Positively responding to market changes and needs.
  • Maintaining and development of efficient operations, logistics and supply chains.
  • Reliable and positive customer service.
  • Consistent committment to quality standards at all times.
The 5 key pillars which epitomise our core value and beliefs:
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Market Driven
  • Efficiency
  • People
The Early Days:
The Floyd's brand was conceptualised at the turn of the millenium and launched in December of 1999.

The brand has from the outset been established as a wholesome family brand, with a strong quality standard, benchmarked against the market leaders with key unique attributes to differentiate Floyd's from the other brands.
The Brand:
Floyd’s is distinctly lower in fats, both Kosher and Halaal certified, preservative free, and enhances delicious flavour in any cooking process.

The Floyd’s product range comprises several product categories to offer the consumer a wide and diverse taste appeal, with several flavours in each sub category.

The Vision:
The Floyd’s brand has global potential. Steady growth in the local market and in the international arena will develop Floyd’s into a global entity.
The People:
The strength behind the business and brands are its people. The ethos of our business is to employ the best, and to improve our selves through growth and development. In doing so, we strive for a self-motivated winning culture of young and entrepreneurial people. Honed business skills and a zest for life, our people are passionate about growing the brand while enjoying their lives to the fullest through their work.
Our Values:
We believe in the core values of our strategy and leadership. They define direction, objectives, lateral thinking and vision, all of which become the inspiration for the business and brand to succeed
Our Management:
We are a small, humble team determined and passionate, with big hearts and heaps of faith in our competence. We are aware of the importance of time and that it is a key ingredient in a world where time is scarce and of extreme value. We take on each day with renewed vigour and hope, constantly keeping our long term dream, and a promise for the success of our brand.
What Floyd’s Stands For :
F - Flavour range, Floyd’s offers a wide flavour range of soups, sauces, spices and cooking solutions.
L - Listening, we are passionate in listening to the market voice so that we meet the consumer needs.
O - Organisation, we have developed an efficient supply chain of services and products to the market.
Y - Young, we will remain forever young with the ethos of employing young talent and honing these skills.
D - Diet, The Floyd’s range offers a cooking flavour range significantly lower in fats, to the consumer.
S - Superior, We strive to provide a product superior in nature to the market leader.